Cover image for Coranderrk Aboriginal Station : report of the Board Appointed to Enquire into and Report upon the Present Condition and Management of the Coranderrk Aboriginal Station : together with the minutes of evidence
Coranderrk Aboriginal Station : report of the Board Appointed to Enquire into and Report upon the Present Condition and Management of the Coranderrk Aboriginal Station : together with the minutes of evidence
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Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1882
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vii, 141p. ; 33cm.
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Witnesses: William Armstrong MB, ChB, Rev. Matthew Henry Ashe, Tommy Avoca (aborigine origin Mount Franklin (which was also called Jim Crow)), Edward Ball (contractor/valuator Richmond), Joseph Banks (Banks Brothers and Co.), William Barak (aboriginal born Yarra), Eda Brangy (aborigine aged 21 origin Upper Murray/later Mrs. Ned Davis), George Briggs (aborigine, brother of John Briggs, aged 38 born Tasmania), John Briggs (aborigine aged 24 born Mt. Cole nr. Ballarat), Rev. James Brown (Northcote), Bull and Mouth p. 59, Alick Campbell (aborigine approx. 28 born Loddon), Johnny Charles (aborigine approx. 29 born Bacchus Marsh), Henry Clarke (labourer Healesville), John Cornish, Edward M. Curr (chief inspector of stock/member Central Board for the Protection of Aborigines) Alfred Davis (aborigine approx. 21 born Loddon), Laura Deans (schoolmaster's wife acting in his place), Richard Dick (aborigine origin Kilmore), T. W. Doherty (Robertson and Moffatt), Thomas Dunolly (aborigine approx. 24 origin Dunolly), John Blair Elm[e]s MB, MCh, Robert Farrell (employed fencing &c. Coranderrk residing Healesville), Alice Grant (aborigine aged 20 born Yea), John Green (Healesville - established Coranderrk station and was its manager), Rev. F. A. Hagenauer, Jane Hall (Healesville), Annie Hamilton (aborigine origin Euston), Rev. Robert Hamilton, Henry Harmony [also spelled Harmoney] (aborigine aged 25 born nr. Majorca),Thomas Harris (working manager Coranderrk Station), William Hitchcock (softgoods broker Melbourne), Robert Hicks, John Holland (Healesville), Phinnimore [also spelled Finniemore/Phinnamore] Jackson (aborigine approx 13 born Mount Hope), Henry Jennings (inaugural member Aboriginal Board), William Lalor (carter Coranderrk), Robert Lucas (hop grower), William McCrea (visited Corranderrk 1876 as Chief Medical Officer), Rev. M. Macdonald (visited Coranderrk 1876 or 1877 when Mr Halliday was Supt. and later), Rev. Alexander Mackie, Eleanor McKie (Melbourne Hospital), Rev. David Maxwell (visited Coranderrk 5-6 years previously), Tommy/Thomas Michie [also spelled Mickie] i.e. Thomas Bamfield, Charles Millist (draper Kew), Alfred Morgan (aborigine approx. 28 born Wharparilla), Caroline Morgan (aborigine approx. 17 origin Loddon), John Morrison (publican/storekeeper Healesville), Frederick Hamilton Narraway (publican/accountant), John Rigby Norris (fruitgrower/gardener Boroondara), Christian Ogilvie (inspector & sec. for Central Board up to May/June 1876), Captain A. M. A. Page (inspector & sec. under Aboriginal Board), William Parker (aborigine approx. 30 origin Jim Crow), R. Richardson MLA, Martin Simpson (aborigine born Jim Crow), William Simpson (furniture dealer 153 Swanston St.), Frederick Philip [also appears as F. T.] Strickland (manager Coranderrk Station), Mrs F. P. [i.e. Sarah Ann] Strickland, George A. Syme (journalist Melbourne), Johnny Terrick (aborigine approx. 38 born Terrick), Michael Tevlin (constable Healesville), William Thomson FRCS (visited Corranderrk earlier at request of Board for the Protection of the Aborigines), Joseph Frederick Walker (teacher Yarra Park), Robert Wandon [i.e. Wandin] (aboriginal aged 25 born Steele's Flat), George Warman (boot warehouseman Banks and Co.), James Williams (sec. Melbourne Hospital), William Frederick Wilmot (poundkeeper), Charles Frederick Woolnough (teacher Healesville), James Wroe (G.S. Brown and Co.) and Harriet Wylie (matron Eye and Ear Hospital)

Minutes of evidence include written submissions and statements from Coranderrk aboriginals (p.98-100) including: (1) Petition asking that responsibility for Coranderrk station be transferred from the Board to the Chief Secretary and that the Inspector, Captain Page, be replaced by John Green - from Wm. Barak, Thos. Mickie [i.e. Thomas Bamfield], Dick Richard[s], Thos. Avoca, Thos. Gilman, Johnny Terrick, Lankey [i.e. Lanky John Derrick?], Spider, M[artin] Simpson, H. Harmoney, Alfred Morgan, Robert Wandon [i.e. Wandin], Alick Campbell [husband of 1.Emma, 2. Lizzie], Thomas Dunolly, Alfred Davis, Willie Parker, Willie Hamilton, Johnny Charles [married Eliza Briggs], Jemima Wandon [i.e. Wandin] (née Burns/later married Tom Dunolly), Emma Campbell (wife of Alick Campbell), Jenny Campbell, Lizzie [i.e. Eliza] Charles [née Briggs], Eliza Mickie, Roy, Ellen Richard[s], Harriett, Annie Hamilton, Mary, Jessie Dunolly, Louisa Hunter, Dinah Hunter, Caroline Morgan, Maggie Harmoney, Lizzie [i.e. Eliza] Davis, Metild Simpson, Edith [i.e. Eda?] Brangy, Mary Ann McClennan, Bella Lee, Alice Grant, Thomas Dick, William Edmond, Alexander Briggs, Abel Terrick, Finniemore Jackson, Joseph Hunter & Johon [i.e. John?] Patterson (2) letter from Thomas Dunolly disputing statements concerning conditions at Coranderrk station made by Captain Page which he had seen in a newspaper (3) statements of complaint from Dick Richard[s] and Thomas Micky [i.e. Mickie] (4) statement from William Barrick/Berrick [i.e. William Barak] and a statement by Alick Campbell witnessed by Thomas Dunolly and Bobby [i.e. Robert] Wandon [i.e. Wandin] (4) statement of complaints from William Parker (5) statement by Mrs [Annie] Hamilton

Other mentions: Aaron (Coranderrk aborigine) p. 59, Acclimatisation Society p. 138, Aleck [i.e. Alick Campbell?] p. 134, Alfred Hospital p. 44, Mr Allen (butcher) p. 23,67, William Anderson (member Board for the Protection of Aborigines) p. 84,123, [John] Andrews p. 119, Armstrong (mounted constable 2342) p. 135, Tommy Arnott p. 46,134, Dr Walter Balls-Headley p. 90, Mrs [Eliza] Bamfield p. 93, David Banfield [i.e. Bamfield] p. 69, Mr./Thomas/Tommy Banfield [i.e. Bamfield] (Coranderrk aborigine) p. 2,59, 60,63,106-107, Banks Brothers and Co. (drapers Melbourne), p. 44,56,112-13, 119,141, Rachel Barber p. 71, Mr Barfield p. 107, James/Jemmy Barker [husband of Jeannie] p. 106,134,136, Mr Batt (Yarra Flats) p. 135, Major Bell p. 69, [Graham] Berry p. 9,11,13,17,21,24,25,26,51,92,105,114,115,116,139, Dr [Thomas] Bowen p. 139, Richard Bowen p. 106, Amelia Brangy p. 69, Ann Briggs (Yarra tribe aborigine) p. 1,15, Bobby Briggs p. 24, Harry Briggs p. 135, Jack Briggs p. 24,98, William Briggs p. 106-7, Bubberum (sickness) p. 58,90, Jimmy Buller (Qld black tracker) p. 42,107, John Bulmer p. 46, Mr Burgess p. 14,81,85,117,124,131,134-5, Maggie Buscombe p. 65, Daniel Cameron p. 107, Mr Cameron p. 139, Mrs Cameron p. 136, Ewen Hugh Cameron p. 116, Mr Chandler (butcher) p. 23,94, Mr Cummings (sec. Yarra Flats cricket club) p. 135, Cuningham Jack & his wife Maria (Coranderrk aborigines at Purnim) p. 141, Mr[James] Dawson p. 98, [Alfred Deakin] p. 115, James Stewart Deans (schoolmaster) p. 49,57,117, [John Lamont] Dow p. 99,115, Mr Duddy p. 101, William Dunn p. 81, Jessie [i.e. Mrs] Dunolly p. 139, Edgar (Coranderrk aborigine) p. 134, James Edgar p. 5, 106, Lily Edmonds p. 59, Lizzie Edmonds p. 68, James Egan p. 106, Dr [John Blair] Elme[s] p. 66, Captain [Robert Duncan] Espinasse p. 115, Maggie Farmer p. 69, Tommy Farmer [also Tommy the Farmer] p. 79,134, Johnny Fergusson p. 12, Marcus Fergusson p. 28, Mr Fisher p. 24, Mr Garrett p. 98, Dr [James] Gibson p. 48,90,122,134,135, Mr Godfrey (former chairman Board for the Protection of Aborigines) p. 119, William Goodall (manager Framlingham/Purnim Aboriginal Station) p. 98,141, Mr Grant [Victorian premier] p. 132, Dr [Andrew] Grey [also spelled Gray] (Eye and Ear Hospital) p. 31,40,90, [James Howlin] Graves p. 115, Mrs [Mary Smith Benton] Green p. 8,25,67,130,134, G. S. Brown and Co. (drapers Melbourne), p. 108, Mrs [Christiana Louisa] Hagenauer p. 136, Mr Hall p. 94, Dan Hall p. 43,44,106-7,108, Emily Hall (Dan's wife) p. 107, Hugh Hamilton Halliday p. 5,6,14,16,35,37,55,73,80,89,120,121, Sarah Halliday p. 102,103,137, David Hamilton (Annie Hamilton's son?) p. 100, Rev. [Robert] Hamilton p. 96, Willie Hamilton p. 139, Mr Harper p. 85, Henty's grocers Melbourne p. 56,119, Henry Heylin Hayter p. 125, Mr Hill (under secretary) p. 115, John Holmes (Lake Tyers) p. 141, Father Horan p. 103, John Rout Hopkins (member Board for the Protection of Aborigines) p. 84, 123, Charles Inglis (evangelist) p. 105, [International] Exhibition [1880-81] p. 115, M. Jefferson p. 107, Mr Kelly p. 6,78,83,87, Richard Kidd (hawker) p. 106, [Kew Hotel] given as O'Shaughnessy's Junction hotel (owned at this time by Mary O'Shaughnessy?] p.84, Mr Kirkwood p. 76, Carl Wilhelm Kramer p. 125, 141, Mrs Kramer p. 141, Lake Billy (Neuarpurr, Apsley aboriginal) p. 141, [Edward] Langton (accounts auditor) p. 59, Lanky John Derrick p. 34, Ludwig Leichardt p. 126, A. G. Leslie p. 107,108, [Albert] Le Soeuf p. 17,34,46,81,118,123,125,138,140, Lewis and Whitty p. 103, Mr Logan p. 71, Lydia (Finniemore Jackson's sister?) p. 61, Mr MacBain (ex member Board for the Protection of Aborigines) p. 10,33, Mrs MacDonald p. 99, McEwan and Co. (hardware merchants Elizabeth St. Melbourne) p. 56,141, Mr Mackay p. 28, Mackenzie [probably John McKenzie manager Wyuna Run] (member Board for the Protection of Aborigines) p. 122,130, John A. McKie (pharmaceutical chemist Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital) p. 31, Mr McLuskey p. 132-3, John Alexander Macpherson p. 116,117, William Macredie (member Board for the Protection of Aborigines) 84,123,130,131,134, Mr Mallory p. 87, Mrs Mallory [also referred to as Mallory's/also spelled Malloy] p. 26,52,87,106, Martin Mardey p. 107, Fanny Mark p. 15,71, Mary Ann (Coranderrk aborigine) p. 69, Melbourne Hospital p. 44, Betsy Mickie p. 31, Dr [Hubert?] Miller p. 139, Mr Mitchell (cattle owner neighbouring Coranderrk) p. 78,107,130,132,133, James Moore p. 106, [Alfred] Morgan (Caroline Morgan's husband) p. 66,67,82,93, Marcus Morgan (Caroline Morgan's son) p. 67, Moubray and Lush p. 119, Mr Nicholson (neighbour Coranderrk Aboriginal Station) p. 127, Mr Nihill [Paul Henry?] (employee Banks Brothers and Co.?) p. 119, Northcote p. 44, Old Simon (deceased chief of the Yarra tribe) p. 131, John Pannican p. 141, Jessie Parker (Willie Parker's daughter) p. 18, [Edward Stone] Parker (Mount Franklin Station) p. 111, Johnny Phillips p. 106, Pompey p. 107, [Robert] Ramsay (member Board for the Protection of Aborigines?) p. 124, [Jimmy] Reece (also spelled Rees) (Coranderrk aborigine) p. 42,59, Reid and Hart (Healeville) p. 133, Ellen Richards (aborigine Coranderrk) p. 106, [William] Robertson(member Board for the Protection of Aborigines) p. 138, Robertson and Moffatt (drapers Melbourne) p. 108, Johnny Rourke (cattle owner Lillydale) p. 81,86,94, Mrs Ruskin p. 59, Mrs Sanky (Coranderrk aborigine) p. 139, [Frederick] Search (took Mr Green's suggestion of hop-growing at Coranderrk to the Board for Protection of Aborigines) p. 136, Mr Shepherd [i.e. Sherbourne Sheppard] (member of the Board) p. 84,123, Mr Shoebridge p. 84, Simon (Coranderrk aborigine) p. 134, Fred. Simmons p. 28, Davy Smith p. 42, Mr Smith (railway stationmaster Colac) p. 98, R. Brough Smyth (member Board for Protection of Aborigines) p. 14,48,85,130-2,134,139, Fanny Snooks p. 41, F. W. Spieseke p.112,132, Mrs F. W. Spieseke p. 112, J. H. Stahle p. 30,56,120,131, Captain Standish p. 124, Maggie Stone p. 107, Alice Strickland (daughter of Frederick Strickland) p. 99, Misses Strickland p. 14,21,25,28,29,53,59,61,69,140, [Theodatus John] Sumner (member Board for the Protection of Aborigines) p. 84,123, [David] Thomas (member Board for the Protection of Aborigines) p. 130, Mr Tyler (member Board for the Protection of Aborigines?) p. 75, Mr Vale p. 51,59, Mr Wade (sheep farmer Muddy Creek) p. 18, Mr Wagner (member Board for the Protection of Aborigines) p.138, Mr Walker (clergyman or lay preacher?) p. 105, Jimmy/Jim [i.e. James] Webster p. 42,54, John Webster (Coranderrk Aborigine) p. 106, Mr Wilkie p. 69, Elizabeth Wilson (wine storekeeper) p. 77,94,107, George Wilson p. 107 and [Ephraim] Zox p. 115
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