Cover image for Royal Commission on the Aborigines : report of the Commissioners appointed to inquire into the present condition of the Aborigines of this colony and to advise as to the best means of caring for and dealing with them in the future : together with minutes of evidence and appendices
Royal Commission on the Aborigines : report of the Commissioners appointed to inquire into the present condition of the Aborigines of this colony and to advise as to the best means of caring for and dealing with them in the future : together with minutes of evidence and appendices
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Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1877
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xvii, 129p. ; 33cm.
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Appendix C Part I (p. 97-115): correspondence to/from the Royal Commission - including letters from James L. Speer (Geelong) & Rev. F. W. Spieseke, circular of 15th Feb. from E. J. Thomas (sec. Royal Commission) together with the replies from local guardians of Aborigines John Ralston (Casterton), James Dawson (Camperdown), Sergeant Leonard Fawssett (Swan Hill), J. H. Jackson (Sandford), P. Learmonth (Hamilton), C. M. Officer (Mount Talbot), C. Warburton Carr (Avoca), J. N. McLeod (Castlemaddie), Dr. W. T. Molloy (Hawthorn), S. H. Officer (Murray Downs), A. McEdward[s] (hon. correspondent Mildura) & John Miller (Kulkyne), replies to printed questions included with E. J Thomas' circular of 14th April from Peter Beveridge (local guardian of aborigines French Island), Rev. Uriah Coombs (Warrnambool), James Dawson (local guardian of aborigines Camperdown), Alexander Dennis (nr Birregurra), Dr. John [Blair] Elmes (Lillydale/visiting surgeon Coranderrk), Dr. Thomas Embling (Kew), Sgt. Leonard Fawssett (Swan Hill), James Finley (hon. correspondent Towaninnie), Dr. [James] Gibson (Flemington), Charles Gray (Nareeb Nareeb), Hugh H. Halliday (supt. Coranderrk), P. Learmonth (local guardian of aborigines Hamilton), William H. Lloyd (Dimboola), John Mackenzie (hon. correspondent Wyuna Station), Rev. Alexander Mackie (Lillydale), Hugh L. McLeod (Benyeo/Apsley), J. N. McLeod (Castlemaddie), John Miller (local guardian of aborigines Kulkyne), B. Mogg (local guardian of aborigines Wirimbirchip via Donald), C. M. Officer (Mount Talbot), John Ralston (Casterton), F. Tozer (local guardian of aborigines Wangoom nr Warrnambool), Jos. C. Watson (West Charlton) & Holford H. Wettenhall (Carr's Plains, Glenorchy), and an enquiry from E. J. Thomas (sec. to the Commissioners) concerning the high marks obtained by children attending the state school at Ramahyuck Aboriginal Station and the reply from Henry Venables (sec. Education Dept.)

Other mentions A - K: Aleck (aboriginal child) p. 94, Charley Alexander p. 49, Alice p. 106, Colonel [William Acland] Anderson p. 35, Andrew p.81, Henry Andrews (local guardian Geelong) p. 126, S. Argyle (local guardian Mount Hope) p. 69, 126, Bobby [Robert] Bains p. 93, W. R. Cole Baker (local guardian Wirrumbirchip) p. 126, [Thomas?] Bamfield p. 54, Banks Bros. p. 11, Barak p. 21, Barham (part aborigine) p. 3, Jemmy Barker [also spelled Barber] p. 2,81, Bell and Co. [i.e. Bell, Bruce and Co.?] p. 11, Billy (aborigine working for Andrew Murray) p. 106,120, Blind Institute p. 25, Lord Blantyre's butler p. 57, Bonyavis p. 99, Board of Education p. viii,91,92, Brierty's station (Upper Yarra) p. 22, Buckley p. 81, R. Burgess p. 68,69, Thomas Burgess (labourer Coranderrk) p. 69, Bushy Park Station p. 41, Donald Cameron (aborigine Ramahyuck Station) p. 35, Duncan Campbell (local guardian Lake Lalbert) p. 126, George Carmichael p. 101, Charles W. Carr (police magistrate/local guardian Avoca) p. 126, S[amuel] Carter (honorary correspondent Glenisla) p. 126, Castlemaine Hospital p. 31, Castlemaine mill p. 31, Central Board p. 37,41,42,47,62,63,107,108,115,124, Philip Champion de Crespigny [given as P. C. Crespigny] (local guardian) p. 126, Church of England p. 45,64, Church of England Aboriginal Mission p. 62, Jackey Cocoin p. 106, Colac shire council p. 106,120, Colonial Bank of Australasia p. 64, Cecil P. Cooke (local guardian Lake Condah) p. 15,126, Coranderrk Station p. x,xi,1,4,6,11,18,19,20,21,22,24,52,67,68,70,71,73,76,80,81,82,87,88,89,90,91,92,93,95,96,98,103,109,112,113,115,116,122,123,128, J. G. Cramond p. 107, Jim Crow p. 106,107, Albert Darly p. 125, Davey (Coranderrk aborigine fined for drunkenness) p. 81, James Dawson (local guardian Wuurong, Camperdown) p. 126, A. Dennis (local guardian Tarndwarncoort) p. 69,121, Dept. of Mines [given as Mining Office] p. 84, Dick (Coranderrk aborigine fined for drunkenness) p. 81, Dick (13 year old Coranderrk aborigine) p. 93, [William Henderson] Disher (Strathfieldsaye run Lake Wellington) p. 44, Sir Charles Duffy p. 37,44, Ebenezer/ Lake Hindmarsh Station p. x,xi,xiv,41,43,58,61,67,68,70,71,76,85,95,106,110,111,112,115,117,124,128, [Thomas] Edols p. 99, Education Act p. 100,115, Education Dept. p. ix,36,51,62,64, L. Fawssett (local guardian Swan Hill) p. 69,126, James Finley (owner Towanninie Station/honorary correspondent Towanninie/Terang) p. 69,97,110,126, Mr. Fisher (station owner Gunnawarra) p. 28,29,83,85, Harry Flower p. 125, Framlingham Station p. ix,6,64,67,68,70,71,76,95,96,99,100,105,106,107,108,115,116,118,122,123,124,128, J. M. Garratt MP (local guardian Geelong) p. 69,126, Geelong Grammar School p. 67, Gellibrand p. 106, William Good p. 107, Mrs William Good p. 107, Mrs. [William] Goodall p. 67, James Graham p. 12, Mr. Green p. 83, Miss Gregory p. 64, Mr. Grey (supplies depot keeper) p. 66, Dan Hall (Coranderrk aborigine) p. 93, John Hall (Coranderrk aborigine) p. 6, Mr. Hall p. 7, Mrs. Halliday p. 91,92, Mr. L. Hallier (teacher Lake Tyers) p. 51,64, Harriet[t] p. 82, Mrs. Harrison (Camperdown) p. 106, [Adolphus] Hartmann (Moravian missionary) p. 45, [Richard] Heales p. 37 Heathen Missions Committee of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria p. 22,71,73, Dr. G. D. Hedley (local guardian Sale) p. 126, Mr. Higinbotham p. 36, John R. Hopkins p. 126, A. W. Howitt (local guardian Bairnsdale/Balmoral) p. 69, Donna Ives p. 106, Jack (Lake Tyers aborigine originally from Maneroo) p. 43, Mr. Jackson (brewer Camperdown) p. 106, John Henry Jackson (JP/local guardian Sandford) p. 101,126, Mary Ann/e Jackson p. 101, Mr. James (telegraph operator) p. 43, Hugh Jamieson (local guardian Mildura) p. 126, Henry Jennings (member Board for the Protection of Aborigines) p. 126, Jimmy (Coranderrk aborigine) p. 86, W. L. Ker (local guardian Killingworth, Yea) p. 126, Kiandra diggings p. 48, King Billy [not William Barak or Billy Phillips] p. 2,56,83, King Jimmy [i.e. Jimmy Bumbirah] p. 41, Mr. Kinnear (station owner near Barmah) p. 26, Kirk's [Horse] Bazaar p. 29, Kulkyne Station p. 62,85 [given as Gayfield]

Other mention L - Z: Lake Condah Station p. ix,10,19,62,64,67,68,70,71,76,90,95,96,99,100,101,107,108,109,115,117,124,128, Lake Tyers Station p. viii,xiv,46,62,67,68,70,71,95,96,115,123,128, Lake Wellington Mission Station/Ramahyuck Station p. vii,xiii,18,33,62,63,67,68,70,71,72,73,74,95,96,115,117,123,124,125,128, H. B. Lane (police magistrate/local guardian Belfast) p. 107,126, Mr. Lang (teacher Coranderrk) p. 30, A. A. C. Le Souef p. 126, Peter Learmonth (local guardian Hamilton) p. 126, Licensing Act [given as Publican's Act] p. 123, W. H. Lloyd (local guardian Dimboola) p. 126, Locket p. 81, Louy (aboriginal mother of Sarah Sandford) p. 101,James MacBain p. 93,126, Dr [William] McCrea (Chief Medical Officer) p. 12,77,79, Sir James McCulloch p. 129, Billy/William McDougall/Macdougall (Lake Tyers aborigine) p. 48,49,50,51 A[lexander] McEdwards (honorary correspondent Mildura) p. 69,126, J[ohn] McKenzie (honorary correspondent Wyuna) p. 69,126, C. T. Mackin MD (local guardian Geelong) p. 126, Ronald McLachlan (local guardian Avon River residing Geelong) p. 126, A. W. McLeod (local guardian Bairnsdale) p. 126, Hugh L. McLeod (local guardian Benyeo, Apsley) p. 126, John McLeod (local guardian Lucknow, Gippsland) p. 126, J[ohn] N[orman] McLeod (local guardian Castlemaddie, Portland) p. 126, W. Macredie p. 126, Mr. P[eter] Manifold p. 107, [Daniel] Matthews p. 24,114, Melbourne Protestant Orphan Asylum [given as Orphan Schools Emerald Hill] p. 4, Hon. Henry Miller p. 11, John Miller (local guardian Kulkyne) p. 69,126, Mining Dept. p. 91, T. Mitchell (local guardian) p. 126, B. Mogg (local guardian Wirmbirchip) p. 69,126, W. T. Molloy MD (local guardian Hawthorn) p. 126, [Edward] Mooney (Coranderrk aborigine) p. 93, Moravian Mission/Board of Missions p. x,37,74,123, [Alfred] Morgan (Coranderrk aborigine) p. 3,81 Mrs. Morgan p. 54, Mount Hope Station p. 56,57, Baron Mueller p. 44, Andrew Murray (cattle/sheep station owner) p. 106, John S. Murray p. 101, Murray Fishing Company p. 25, Murray Jack p. 50, National Bank p. 38, Miss Nightingale p. 77, New Norcia p. 78, C. M. Officer (local guardian Mount Talbot) p. 126, S. H. Officer (local guardian Murray Downs) p. 126, Sir John O'Shannassy's station p. 23,24,25, Mr. [E. S.] Parker p. 29,31,83,86, Willie Parker p. 30, Penal Dept. p. 11, Pentridge p. 100, Captain Phillips [i.e. John Philip] p. 35, [Police Offences Act] given as Vagrant Act p. 50,56,66, Presbyterian Church p. 74,123, Presbyterian Church Committee on Missions to the Heathens p. 71, 123, W. J. Purbrick (honorary correspondent Mount Talbot) p. 126, John Ralston (honorary correspondent Prospect, Casterton) p. 69, 126, Mr. R[obert] H. Ralston (former local guardian Dergholm district) p. 99, J. Randell (local guardian Mordialloc) p. 69,126, David Reed (local guardian The Hermitage, Belvoir) p. 126, Curtis A Reid (local guardian Redesdale), p. 69, Religious Tract Society [of Victoria?] p. 45, John Ritchie (local guardian Boodcarra, Belfast) p. 126, Mr. Roadknight (meat supplier to Lake Tyers) p. 51, James Rutherford (local guardian Ulupna) p. 69,126, Mr. Rutherford (squatter/station owner near Albury) p. 41, Mr Ryan (farmer Don Creek) p. 113, Sale Hospital p. viii, Dr. [Rosendo] Salvado p. 78, Sambo p. 93, Sarah Sandford (part aborigine Sandford), p. 101, John Saunders (local guardian Bacchus Marsh) p. 126, R. D. Scott (local guardian Camperdown) p.126, T. P. Scott (local guardian Lake Condah) p. 126, Mr. Service p. 37, Richard Sharp (part aborigine Colac) p. 106,120, Sherbourne Sheppard p. 126, J. W. Simmons (local guardian Swan Reach) p. 126, Simon p. 82, R. Brough Smyth p. 126, South Australian Govt. p. 98, South Australian Register of 10th April 1876 p. 98, Mrs. Spieseke p. 9,58, W. E. Stanbridge (local guardian Wombat, Daylesford) p. 126, Captain Standish p. 7, Stewart (part aboriginal mason Ebenezer Station) p. 60, Stratford Post Office Savings Bank p. 38, Theo. J. Sumner p. 126, Susan p. 106, M. Synnot (local guardian Terrick Terrick Station, Mount Hope district, residing Melbourne) p. 126, Mr. Taylor (Coranderrk) p. 94, David Thomas p. 126, Timothy (Coranderrk aborigine fined for drunkenness) p. 81, Tommy (Coranderrk aborigine formerly from the Loddon Aboriginal Station) p. 24, A[lexander] Tone (honorary correspondent) p. 69,126, F. Tozer (local guardian Wangoom near Warrnambool) p. 126, Treasury p. 8,9,90, Bob Wanding [i.e. Robert Wandin] p. 30, J[oseph] C[olin] Watson (local guardian West Charlton) p. 126, Jemmy [i.e. James] Webster p. 81,82, Johnny Webster p. 81, H. H. Wettenhall (local guardian Carr's Plains) p. 126, E[dward] Willis (honorary correspondent Nareen) p. 126, Alex. [H.] Wilson (local guardian Vectis) p. 126, Emily Wood p. 125, Young Stewart p. 57
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